The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Heleno-Argentina (C.I.C.H.A. in Spanish), recognized by the Greek Government on September 18, 1998, is beginning to have a greater relevance and its mission is defined as follows:

  • MISSION: The Mission of the Chamber is to be a creative force – between Argentina and Greece – in a business environment that contributes to the development of our society within a framework of fairness and equal opportunities. To promote the development of sustainable business, bilateral trade, genuine productive investment, advancing private enterprise and a market economy, framed with responsibility and transparency. Promote forums of knowledge among its members and facilitate dialogue between public and private sectors.
  • OBJECTIVE: The Chamber’s objective is the contact and representation of businessmen of Greek origin and descent, and in general of all such interests, including third countries, with activities, operations or investments in Greece and/or Argentina.
  • For all the above it will develop, among other things, the following activities:

    • Sponsor measures that benefit and protect the commercial, industrial, technological Greek-Argentine interchange.
    • Represent the communities regarding their relations on economic, technological and cultural interchange.
    • Petition to the appropriate authorities suggested legal and administrative rules and regulations.
    • Upon request, represent their members before authorities, public entities or other entities of both countries, for matters that fall within the Chamber´s objectives, subject to the Chamber’s approval.
    • Gather and distribute statistical, technical, legal, cultural and tourist information as well as any other type with the aim of counseling and propagating information, especially in relation to commercial, industrial, technological and cultural interchange.
    • To defend and protect the prestige of both communities, improving and extolling the image of its members.
    • Maintain relations with all other Commercial and bi-national Chambers and organizations in general.
    • Maintain relations and information interchange with Greek institutions.
    • Grant scholarships and support to Greeks and their descendants to realize studies and investigations, the importance of which is deemed justified.
    • Organize and participate in conferences and congresses, with topics of interest to the Chamber.
    • Create and develop, under its control and administration, all types of cultural, social and athletic institutions, in line with the interest of its members.
    • In general, bring to bear all activities that tend to intensify and improve Greek-Argentine relations.