European Commission

Greek Organization for Export Promotion

Greek Organization for Small and Medium Size Companies and Craftsmen

Greek-American Union


Northern Greece Association of Exporters

• Greek Banking Association

• Association of Greek Insurance Companies

• Greek Association of Public Relations

• Greek Federation of Companies specializing in Communications and Information Systems

• Northern Greece Industrial Federations

• Greek Property Federation

• Greek Federation of Industry

Chambers in Greece

• Athenian Chamber of Craftsmen

• Athenian Chamber of Interchange

• Athenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

• Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry

• Greek Chamber of Economy

• Greek Chamber of Ships

Bi-national Chambers

• Greek-Dutch Association of Commerce and Industry

• Greek-Chilean Chamber

• Chamber of Commerce American-Greek

• Chamber of Commerce British-Greek

• Chember of Commerce German-Greek

• Chamber of Commerce Greek-Russian in Greece

• Chamber of Commerce Greek-American

• Chamber of Commerce Greek-Swedish

• Chamber of Commerce and Industry Greek-Australian

• Chamber of Commerce and Industry Greek-Rumanian

• Chamber of Commerce and Development Arab-Greek

• Chamber of Commerce and Development Greek-African

• Council of Commerce Greek-Canadian

Useful Information

• Bank of Greece

• Athenian Stock Market

• Thessaloniki Stock Market

• Greek Center for Investments

• European Club

• Delegation of the European Union Commission in Argentina

• Investments in Greece

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Greece)/ AGORA