Being a member of C.I.C.H.A. you will have at your disposal – free of charge or with a preferential fee – the following:

  • Access to information, reserved for members of the Chamber, within the web page.
  • Publication and diffusion of products and services produced or offered by members.
  • Access to market research papers for Greece and Argentina.
  • Access to information concerning all trading between Greece and Argentina.
  • Participation in fairs and events of interest in Greece and Argentina.
  • Participation in the Union of Bi-national Chambers in Argentina.
  • Attendance to conferences and lectures on special topics.
  • Services of translation from and to Greek and English.
  • Receipt and publication of commercial opportunities.
  • Activities of camaraderie among members.
  • Invitations free of charge or at a discount to expositions, lectures, seminars, study groups and groups of business interchange.
  • Specialized publications in different subjects within the business domain.
  • Counseling to facilitate participation of exporters and visitors in fairs in Greece and Argentina.
  • List of people looking for work.